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As a Chartered Engineer I am of a profession which makes use of several branches of science, including physics, chemistry, in conjunction with mathematics, art, design, innovation, etc., being both creative and analytical as necessary, though with creativity the greater part. An engineer is, therefore, more than just a scientist.

As has been argued elsewhere (Aether book for example)

Additionally, I am a Healer with a higher level of perception than just the physical senses, at least to a degree; more than many people, though less than many others. Those senses are broadly equivalent to the physical senses of seeing, hearing and feeling at a level beyond the physical.

Hence, I am even more aware of the limitations of science, at least the limited mainstream, materialist, almost classically naïve variety.

I follow no religion, at least not in this lifetime, though am aware of the spiritual dimension, as are, in their various ways, thousand of millions of other people, even if for many it is through the imperfect, dogma clouded view of a religious creed, rather than direct. Very many scientists also have that awareness.

As a result of my background, particularly the engineering perspective, I am not so imbued, or overawed, by science and see it from a wider perspective, though its limitations were obvious to me as a teenager.

Since my higher senses became more open in the early 1990s, having been much less so for a little over a decade before that, I have been acutely aware of far more than the physical domain.

There are differences but that is not surprising since they take place outside the physical universe limitations.

There is nothing in what I have experienced, learned, used, etc., at that level, which is at variance with science, no more so than quantum physics is at variance with classical physics, Newtonian mechanics; the former is an extension beyond the latter, a refinement, greater knowledge. What I, along with very many others, am aware of, know, is a similar extension beyond quantum physics beyond comparable levels of science in other areas.

None of what I have learned over the years, including through my higher senses, clashes with what is currently known about the material world, at least in the broad sense; much the same that physics post Einstein does not clash with classical physics but is an extension of it.

For example, when I was linked to a telepath, “Marie”, in mainland Europe, I was aware, was told, that it was at a level where it would have made no difference if Marie “was at the edge of the physical universe”, “Space is irrelevant and time fairs, almost, as badly”; at various times I saw Marie, her home, a building outside her home, her husband with a distinctive hair style, her skiing, walking in the countryside, etc. the person who introduced me to Marie confirmed all of the descriptions, details, etc.

When I was involved in helping someone with distant healing, while on a train to London, as I was not able to stay with them due to a meeting commitment, there later turned out to be discrepancies in timing of events from her point of view, differences of between three and eight hours. She felt the presence of my discarnate colleague, with whom I was doing the healing, and the effects, several hours later. My discarnate colleague’s explanation was, “When you do that sort of thing you go out of time and do not necessarily come back in at the same place”. My healer colleagues have had similar experiences in relation to time.


A difference with sight at the higher level is that there is no line of sight restriction, you can see “in the round”, 360 degrees. When I met a particular discarnate person in St Faith Church, Havant in the early 1990s, she was a few feet in front of me and to my right, facing forwards, yet I saw her face, clearly, and the written description, of her appearance and the event, came to a couple of pages of typescript. Similarly with seeing someone behind me, on a later occasion, even though I was facing forwards.

I have also had the privilege of seeing the core being, soul, of three people, my discarnate colleague, my mother and myself.

On a more mundane level, I feel auras with ease; sometimes see parts of them, especially the chakras, occasionally I have an overall view; auras being the structures that underlie all physically living entities and much more besides. What I thus sense concurs with the detailed description of people like Barbara Brennan, as in her book “Hands of Light”. The aura is a series of interpenetrating bodies of various energies and energy densities, which evolve from the real person, which is not the physical presence. I also agree with Barbara Brennan that the aura is prime; the aura does not emanate from the physical body, the physical body emanates from the aura.

At a little less than a mundane level I am used to being involved in conversations with those at the higher level, discarnate, non-physical. Doubt that it is actually happening, as with similar events, is natural. However, in May 2006 I met a healer who has become a friend and colleague as well as helping me with my book; she has a discarnate husband. It has become relatively common for us to become involved in perfectly lucid four way conversations; two of us incarnate (physical); two of us discarnate (non-physical). If it is imagination, how do she and I manage to be separately aware of what our discarnate partners are saying, as well as doing for that matter?