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Richard King, Chartered Engineer, Healer, Psychic, Havant, Hampshire


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My engineering background; the development of my non-physical, psychic, side; my discarnate Soulmate and fellow Healer, Lorelei, and Guardian Angel, Cathy; Membership of the Scientific and Medical Network; my understanding of the Physical World and Physical Reality as compared with Real Reality; the limitations of mainstream science and religion; the relationship of the spiritual, non-physical and psychic to the perceived physical world; the inherent illusory nature of the physical world and time.

As is explained elsewhere on My Other Web Sites, I am a Chartered Engineer who also happens to be a Healer, has a range of psychic abilities (though not as great as some people I have met) as well as having a discarnate Soulmate and Fellow Healer, Lorelei.

You can find out far more about me and the circumstances in which I find myself by visiting My Other Web Sites. Particularly my Journaling Web Site, my Web Log and my Original Web Site. I have also built a new introductory Web Site (, to which I will be arranging Links from other Web Sites which are not among my own, particularly the Scientific and Medical Network of which I am a Member.

In view of our value to Tourism and the pertaining situation, I particularly invite you to visit Lorelei and Tourism, my Web Log which I try to keep reasonably up to date and Richard’s Journal, which I am likely to find more difficult to keep abreast of events with but is important, certainly will be, from the point of view of archived information (especially letters and E-mails) in due course.

The greatest difference with me is Lorelei, in that she is the person behind the German Legend. The Lorelei I know, as does Judy Diaper, a very visual, perceptive Healer friend of mine, is nothing like the Legend. Actually, Lorelei as we know her, see her, speak to her, is much more like the German view of her as told to me by Dr Jur Berndt Atenstaedt, Deputy Director General of the German British Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I use the term Psychic Engineer simply because I am both, a Psychic and an Engineer. There is an implication that I indulge in engineering at the psychic, non-physical level. In a sense this is accurate in that I can see, feel and hear energies at that level as well as being able to work with them, mostly in the sense of Healing.

This Web Site is intended to concentrate on my unusual combination of a strong technical background with my non-physical aspect. There are not many people with a foot so firmly in both worlds, so to speak; we are quite rare, very rare. I am entirely comfortable with both my non-physical side, aspect, and my engineering, physical science side. You cannot “see the join between the two” because there is not one; they are both one and the same, different aspects of the same reality. However, it should be noted that there is Physical Reality, in which you are reading this, and Real Reality, that which really is rather than the construct which most of those in it tend to suppose is real; it is, while you are in it, but not otherwise.

Also note that there is a significant difference between an Engineer and a Scientist. Like a Scientist an Engineer needs to be conversant with mainstream science., however, a good engineer has to have an artistic side as well; da Vinci, Brunel, Wren, et al. From that point of view an Engineer is somewhat more than a mere Scientist.

Science is the study of what is, or what is perceived to be, with a view to trying to understand. Engineering is creation. Look up into the night sky to see just a part of Creation, that of The Chief Engineer. We Engineers have a respectable lineage, from the very beginning in fact; overlooking for the moment, that time itself is an illusion.

For a moment, let us take a step backwards. The mainstream view of reality is just this physical reality, in the Cartesian, Newtonian sense. Physical reality is all that is. It has three mutually perpendicular dimensions, plus time, which is perceived to have direction, from past to future. If such things as auras, energy fields connected with living entities, exist, they emanate from the physical world.

From the mainstream, Western, religious point of view, we are born into the physical world, as physical entities, live one life, then die. We may cease to exist or there might, just might, be some form of afterlife, other life, rarely defined to any great extent.

From this point on, to understand what really is, is, in a sense, relatively simple. Just take the total view of two paragraphs above turn everything inside out, back to front, through one hundred and eighty degrees, upside down, etc. Real Reality is completely the opposite of what most people, at least most people in the West, suppose.

When we go to sleep and dream, that dream can be very real, while we are in it. On waking, the physical world is reality and the dream ceases to be real.

On a first level of understanding basis, it is not the Non-Physical that is the constructed reality, it is Physical Reality that is the construct. It is not the No-Physical that is the dream it is the Physical that is the dream, albeit an extremely realistic dream while you are in it.

Mainstream science and mainstream religion are both part of the dream, hence the enormous difficulties they have in explaining what really is.

On the other hand, among very many others, that is what Prince Siddartha Gautama realised when he sat beneath a bhodi tree for several days; he saw through, past, the dream and became “The Enlightened One”, the Buddha.

Fortunately, my perception is, occasionally, at a level where I can see at least some of Real Reality. For instance, I have seen the energy fields which sustain plants and the physical world more closely to its real form, what you perceive with your physical eyes is a very dull representation of what really is.